In this six-session study, bestselling author and pastor Louie Giglio relates how several years ago he
experienced one of his toughest seasons as a leader. He was feeling attacked, and in a moment of
weakness, he fired off an angry text to a friend. It took him five minutes to compose the message –
paragraphs of woe about the one causing harm. The nine-word text back from his friend simply said,
“Don’t give the enemy a seat at your table.”
Louie relates how this simple text led him to realise that he had been allowing his adversary – the devil
– into the conversation going on in his mind. He had, in fact, been giving his enemy a seat at his table.
In turn, this led Louie to Psalm 23, one of the most loved texts in all of Scripture that has comforted
God’s people throughout the ages.
As group members go through this study, they will see they have the power, through Christ, to take
back control of their thoughts and emotions and that they do not have to give a place to fear, envy, or
despair in their lives as they learn to listen to the voice of their Shepherd.
This course is currently offered at our Botany Campus only.

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