Elim Kids

We consider it an honour to partner with you in teaching your kids how to develop a personal relationship with God. At Elim Kids, they will grow their faith alongside friends and build foundations that they will follow for the rest of their lives whilst having a lot of fun.

Our goal is to help you raise kids who want to make a difference and are passionate about what God is doing in the world around them.

Little children, you can be certain that you belong to God and have conquered them, for the one who is living in you is far greater than the one who is in the world.

1 John 4:4

What to Expect

We exist to be a programme of hope, to reach, serve and influence children for Jesus.

If you have ever brought your kids to Power Tots, Power Sparks, Power Zone or Voltage, you would know…our kids programmes are not babysitting clubs. They are fun, interactive and God centred. Every Sunday, your little ones are learning and developing a relationship with God in an age-relevant way.

As well as developing a relationship with God, they are given the space and tools to enhance their ability to know God, find freedom, discover their purpose and make a difference.

Your kids will be surrounded by amazing role models and friends who will help them become all God designed them to be. Our Sundays are always guaranteed to be filled with worship, games and thought-provoking activities. Whether it’s learning a memory verse, having a dance, building legos or making a craft, your kids will come home with a big smile on their face and an even bigger heart for Jesus.

All You Need to Know

Power Tots (Ages 1 & walking to 2-year-olds)
During morning services.

We believe in ministering to the needs of every age group, including our littlest members. While parents enjoy the main services, they can rest assured that their babies are receiving personal care in a safe and nurturing environment. Power Tots has great toys, wonderful music and a loving and Godly atmosphere for your children. Our Elim Kids Dream Team creates a positive church experience that introduces infants to trust in Jesus early on in life.

Power Sparks (3 and 4-year-olds)
During morning services.

At Power Sparks, our heart is that as a parent, you sit in and receive from the Word of God while knowing your little ones are being ministered to as well. Preschoolers love to learn, which is why each preschool classroom provides interactive learning experiences that help your kids fall in love with the Bible. We have praise and worship and teach through storytelling. Centred around the First Look programme, we use colourful illustrations, interactive animationsand activities to help kids remember what they learn. Power Sparks is ready and waiting to connect with you and your children!

Power Zone (Primary school-age)
During morning services.

Power Zone combines high-energy activities with Bible-based teachings for children aged 5 to 10 years. Power Zone’s vision is to help our children build their relationship with Jesus, develop their identity in Him and help them share that experience with their friends. Using both large and small groups, kids can connect with friends and engage with leaders in a life-giving atmosphere. With a combination of games, attention-grabbing Bible lessons, and fun-filled songs, Power Zone shows that living for God is the best thing out there! You won’t regret checking out our fantastic programme!


Voltage is our Sunday morning programme for intermediate aged kids. At Voltage, your intermediates will participate in praise and worship, receive a small message and develop friendships in small groups. Voltage runs every Sunday at 9:00am and 11:00am.

We consider it a joy to teach your kids how to love God and use their unique gifts and talents to make a difference. From tiny tots to playful primary students, our team wants to give your family an excellent church experience.

When you arrive, there will be Dream Teamers on campus who will happily show you the way to the children’s rooms.

You will then be directed to the sign-in station, where you will need to fill in a form that includes contact information, child details and parental permissions.

Then, you and your child will both receive a name label and guardian receipt. We can’t wait to see you and get the chance to invest in your little ones!

It’s our privilege to partner with families in our community in building up and praying for our Elim Kids.

Here are some practical ways you can help us make the most of your child’s time spent at church:

  • We are a church of Small Groups, and this starts with our kids. Pick a consistent location and service time to help your kids build a relationship with their Small Group leader and other kids their age.
  • Stay in the loop and build relationships with other Elim parents by following us on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Pray with and for your kids each week, and pray for our Dream Team as they serve and care for your little ones.
  • If your child attends Voltage, you can find community in our Voltage Parents Facebook group to stay connected. You will have access to parent resources, up-to-date information, and snippets of what your intermediates are getting up to! Simply search ‘Voltage and Voltage Charged Parents’ on Facebook.

“Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it.” — Proverbs 22:6 (NLT)

Being a parent isn’t always a walk in the park. If you’re lost, there’s good news for you- there is an Elim family filled with incredible parents that are walking or have walked a similar journey to you. Here at Elim, we believe that life in community is part of our design. When you walk through the church doors, you are a part of our family, and as a family, we want to celebrate each other, find freedom and pray together. A church that prays together is the kind of church we all need, especially in the rocky seasons of life. When dedicating your child, you get to stand before your church family and commit to raising your child according to biblical teaching.

Just as Jesus’ parents dedicated Him to God when He was a child, we offer the opportunity to families who are part of our community to dedicate their children. If you want to get your child dedicated, we would love to provide you with more information.


We are excited that you are interested in dedicating your child; it is always an honour to stand with parents as they dedicate their children to the Lord. The purpose of child dedication is for parents to present their child before God and the church, committing to seek after His grace and wisdom in carrying out their parental responsibilities. It is an opportunity for you to meet parents and leaders who will love and lead your child. Child dedication is a time for us to celebrate and thank God for the gift of your children.


During the dedication service, parents promise before God, their family and the church to raise their child in a God-honoring way. Leading kids to become fully devoted followers of Christ isn’t a checkbox on a to-do list. It’s an ongoing conversation that shapes who they are now and who they become later. Since parents are the key role models for their children, we ask that they commit to the following before dedicating their child:

Parent(s) have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Parent(s) are regular attenders of Elim Christian Centre Sunday services and follow Christ in their own lives.

Parent(s) agree with our church’s beliefs and values.

Parent(s) commit to modelling personal purity and to lead by example in matters of faith and conduct. That means living a life of sexual purity according to God’s standards.

What should I expect for parent/Child Dedication? 

Parent/Child dedication takes place during our regular Sunday services. During the ceremony, parent(s) publicly commit to helping their child grow in their faith and raise them in a home centred around Jesus. Our team welcomes the child and parent(s), prays over each family and presents a Bible to each child.

Can a single parent participate in a child dedication service?

Yes! Child dedication signifies the commitment of parents, including single parents, to do their best to raise their child to be a follower of Jesus Christ. We encourage single parents to include any important figures in their child’s life to be a part of the dedication.

Is dedication the same as baptism?

Here at Elim, we believe that child dedication is an excellent step for your family, but not the same as baptism or salvation. We believe baptism is for those who have made a personal decision to trust Jesus alone for their salvation, once they have the maturity and ability to understand what that means. Child dedication is less about your child’s choice now and more about setting them up for those choices later.

Dedication is not a sacrament; nor a sign of salvation to a child. Salvation comes only through faith in Jesus Christ as each person recognizes their sinfulness and receives forgiveness and eternal life through Him and His work on the cross.

Rather than baptising infants or children, we encourage a dedication ceremony, where parents formally call upon God’s blessing for their child and publicly commit to raising them according to scripture.

Do I need to be a member to dedicate my child?

You do not need to be a member of Elim Christian Centre to dedicate your child. We do ask that families call Elim home, because in dedicating your child to God, you are stating that you are willing to partner with God and the church to raise your child in cooperation with God’s intentions. As your church family, we are here to partner with you as the body of Christ and support you as a family unit.

When can I dedicate my child?

That’s entirely up to you! You can dedicate your child whether they’re four days old, a tiny tot or twelve years old. The principle matters more than the age.

We are committed to providing physically, emotionally and spiritually safe spaces for your Kids. The physical environment of the Elim Kids area is fun and engaging.

All Elim Kids staff and Dream Team members must pass a background check before working or volunteering at Elim Kids. They are trained in policies and procedures and receive regular updates.

We believe in providing environments that capture children’s imaginations and make it easy for them to explore who God is. We make sure the room is clean and clutter-free. All aspects of the room are functional and are properly resourced.

We provide age-specific classrooms not just because of the teaching but because we don’t want smaller children being accidentally knocked over by larger children or sensitive ears to be exposed to louder music than they’re used to and so forth.

The printed name tags allow the Dream Team to know who is in their care. Every child must enter the room with a name label and keep it on for the duration of the service until they are picked up by a guardian with the matching guardian receipt. When a child no longer has a tag on, they are again the guardian’s responsibility. Not only do the name tags help the Dream Team call the children by their name, but they also highlight any important notes such as allergies, special conditions or photo/video permissions the child may have.

Power Zone 

Whangārei – Cindy Cochran

City – Jayde Galbraith

Botany – Danielle Joynt

Manurewa – Michelle Siliva

Papakura – Samuel Vincent

Pukekohe – Bailey Booth

Under 5’s 

Whangārei – Tarchia Joll

City – Jayde Galbraith

Botany – Michaela Elder

Manurewa – Michelle Siliva

Papakura – Jahdia Harvey & Georgia Angell

Pukekohe – Bailey Booth

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