The theme for Replenish this year is ‘Closer’, and we have taken that literally. Like in your living room closer. DRUMROLL please… This year Replenish will be in your home, in your neighbourhood!

Throughout NZ, from Whangarei to Bluff, we will meet in homes, cafes and lounges simultaneously to watch the same powerful conference sessions.

Just think, so many Replenish parties happening all over Aotearoa.

Replenish Parties

Replenish will take place on Saturday 18th June 2022‌ with you and 9 of your other gal pals.

It’s SUPER simple really.

Simply register through the link below to become a host or attend and then INVITE. Invite the Mum from kindy, your cousin, your usuals and maybe extend the invitation to your favourite barista too.

Your local Campus will then be in contact about when and where your personal Replenish Party will be – if it’s not at your place of course.

We will provide a box for each host containing all the party necessities for 10 ladies. Gifts, decorations, sweets, how-to guides and did we mention gifts?

Let’s get social